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“Aunt Jemima” Rebranded to “Pearl Milling Company"

PepsiCo has officially released the new name for their pancake mix and syrup products. The “Pearl Milling Company” will be accompanying each of us when we are enjoying our Sunday morning breakfast made by our families or roommates. This comes as a transition from the 130-year-old brand name and logo “Aunt Jemima”.

The noteworthy change is not just that the logo and brand name is much different, rather the progressive step PepsiCo is taking to change. Accepting, believing, and leading the way into a progressive society. Understanding the racial injustice implications of the “Aunt Jemima” brand is what drove the organization to implement such change in the brand. This change also stems from the protests that occurred near the end of May in 2020 in regard to the Black Lives Matter Movement. This movement created a platform where voices could be heard across the country to change our societal beliefs.

On top of the branding change, PepsiCo has also dedicated themselves to donate over $400million throughout 5 years to support diverse committees and to boost diverse representation within the organization. Setting a new precedent, PepsiCo is becoming an industry leader in acknowledging and implementing change.

Implementing change based on racial inequality is the positive change that many organizations are striving towards. The Canadian Football League’s team the “Edmonton Eskimos” have decided no longer to use the name and are waiting to release the new team branding.

The Washington Football Team has also implemented the change of brand by transitioning from their former brand.

Currently, PepsiCo is acknowledging adversity and celebrating change.

Chris Kislinsky

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