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We all know that this past year has been anything but ordinary. With that in mind the BMA is now ready to change with the times. This entire 2021 we are not going to be slowed down by any surprises, pandemics, or fake news. Goodman Clubs are changing for the better, and the BMA is leading the way.

This is not going to be your average blog, and this is not going to be your average club. What we are doing here at the BMA is innovating for the common business student, and for the future. We are leading the way to the new wave of business content. Material that not even content houses from TikTok can keep up with. Each of us here at the BMA have been challenged to inspire change. We are ALL leading into future trends and I can’t wait to get started.

Mind you, the BMA will definitely be maintaining our successful events that have been run over the years. Arguably the cornerstone of our club, the “So you Think you can Sell” event will be up and running yet again this year, as well as plenty others. Also, we are continuing our successful A/R event run alongside brilliant faculty from Goodman. And of course, we are looking to include brand new workshops and giveaways for this year.

The BMA is adapting to a new way of thinking. We all are striving to facilitate involvement from each and every business student at Goodman. It is not enough just to have a small percentage of our students involved; we are aiming for providing benefit to each Goodman student and the majority of the business students across Canada.

Now, some goals have to be clearer. Our number one priority will be, and always be, the Students in the Goodman School of Business. We are going to be offering the best events paired with top tier content.

Our next goal is to produce a mass of content for every business student. This will consist of club updates, social media posts, blog stories, and professional features. All in due time this will be released. Have big expectations for the BMA come February because we are going to deliver.

Regardless of your interests, hobbies, comedy taste, career goals, or favourite hobbies, the BMA will have content for you. Inclusion is our ultimate goal.

We are always open to new ideas, inquiries, or questions, please feel free to reach out to me at, or leave a comment and we will happily chat with you!

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08 lut 2021

So inspirational!!!


Christopher Kislinsky
Christopher Kislinsky
04 lut 2021


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